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At K-Mint we are governed by certain values and principles, which, we believe, are our strengths. Since we desire and expect the client relationship to be a long-term one (25-30 years at least), it is of utmost important that you too are informed of and aligned with our basic values and beliefs.​

We believe it is possible for anyone to create wealth over a long period of time. We therefore expect our clients to be serious about investing and wealth-creation.

We will persuade our clients to increase their savings and investment rate. In fact, this is the only thing which is in control of the investors themselves.  

We want our clients to be with us for a long term.  As the relationship becomes older and deeper, we are able to understand clients much better. This understanding is of immense importance for us to add value to our clients.

The clients need to keep in mind the importance of reasonable expectations. The returns of any asset are driven by its underlying fundamentals and are realized only over long term.  Time is the best fund manager and all returns tend to revert to mean over a period of time.

The clients need to be very clear of the factors which are controllable and which are not controllable. The returns or the timing thereof is not in the control of anybody.

Your returns are not determined by what the fund manager is doing.  Your returns will be dictated by what YOU do.  Psychology plays a very important role in investing. If you succumb to fear or greed, your returns could be impacted negatively.

We believe that the most important thing in finance is the management of risk, not maximization of returns.  Our focus therefore will always be on risk management and on risk-minimization.

Our primary focus therefore is on Safety. Then on liquidity and lastly returns.

We don’t believe that the financial resources of our clients are unlimited in nature.  We therefore treat it with respect and as a result, our investment approach is conservative.

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