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At iCAN K-Mint Wealth we strive to deliver the highest quality of service to our clientele. To achieve this, we abide by certain values and principles that have proven to be our strength. It is of utmost importance that you too are informed and aligned with these principles.


We emphasize multigenerational wealth creation that can transform lives and build legacies. As the relationship becomes older and deeper, we can understand clients much better. This understanding is of immense importance for us to add value to our clients.


We will encourage our clients to consistently increase the rate of their savings and investments over time to achieve the goals they have set.


Your returns are not determined by what the fund manager is doing.  Your returns will be dictated by what YOU do. Temperament plays a very important role in investing. If you succumb to fear or greed, your returns could be impacted negatively.


We believe that the most important thing in finance is the management of risk. Our focus therefore will always be on safety and risk management foremost, followed by returns.


Money is a limited resource, and we treat it with great respect. As a result, our investment approach is conservative but selectively opportunistic.


The foundation for our practice.

Trust is a two-way street- just as our clients trust us with being their coaches in the journey towards achieving their financial goals, we trust our clients to communicate with transparency and trust in the process.

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